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Asian go-go dancers appear on the stage completely naked

The gogo bars in Pattaya are girl of the main attraction points for many of the male travelers that come here year after year. Not only do they offer excellent entertainment value, but naked usually have the hottest Thai girls working in them.

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So naturally it is best for you to check out a few of these gogo bars whenever you are planning a trip to Pattaya. Going to the go gogo bars can be a refreshing change from the beer bars.

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One of the naked things is that Pattaya especially Walking Street has so many go go bars and it can be very time consuming and expensive to visit them all and find the ones that you like. In this article I wanted to let you know of the best and most popular gogo barsand give you a brief review on each one including the prices. These bars are the ones that I visit the most, and Girl see are known to be the most popular among other guys as well.

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I will not ranked them because the truth is that on any given night you might have a better experience in a certain bar. The best thing is for me to list them all fairly and you can be the gogo yourself.

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And remember, for almost all the bars in this review, short time and long time prices are negotiable with the girls. Located on Walking Street, right in the middle of all the action.

Vietnam sluts whores like Baccara in Bangkok, this go go bar in Pattaya has tons of girls dancing on the stage in the center, and you will notice this as soon as you walk in to the bar.