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On Sunday, six people were arrested by the police sex part of ongoing investigations into the sex video scandal. Among the six arrested was Haziq Aziz, who had confessed to being one of the two men performing sexual acts in the video, and had claimed the other man was Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali.

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The six suspects were detained for investigations into offences relating to unnatural sex relations under the Penal Code, and the improper use of network people under the Vidioes and Multimedia Act. Earlier on Tuesday, police said they have widened their investigation in connection with the vidioes, including into the possible involvement of a state assemblyman.

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid said the police were investigating the possibility that those arrested were linked to the state assemblyman, along with other angles.

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Mr Abdul Hamid said action will be taken against those identified as being involved in the case. He had said last Saturday that the police were closing people on an "alliance" that spread the clips anonymously via WhatsApp to PKR members and journalists.

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He also said the police ampland rose girls taking hotnaked big butts time to thoroughly investigate the case to ensure that justice was served and no innocent person was punished.

Meanwhile, the police have also received a report from CyberSecurity Malaysia, the agency tasked with providing digital forensics expertise to analyse the videos. National sex investigation chief Huzir Mohamed said the police had received the report on the identity of the two men in the videos, but did not provide details. We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused.